Ежемесячный архив: Январь 2014

External expert сommission on specialties ASIIN cluster E

At Karaganda State Technical University, from January 30 to February 1, 2014 in the framework of the international accreditation will work external expert Commission ASIIN in the following specialties of cluster E: 5B070700 – «Mining»; 5M070700 – «Mining».

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Improvement and development of the system of technical regulation and metrology

13.01.2014 KSTU and Laboratory TLEP «KORMS» were visited by the delegation consisting of the directors — Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology Dougal G.T., general director of «NCA» Nurashev T.B., CEO of RSE «KazInMetr» Michalchenko V.N. and CEO of RSE «KazInSt» Shakkaliev A.A. 2 memoranda of cooperation were signed in the …

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External expert committee ASIIN (Germany)

Between January, 7 till January, 9, 2014 in Karaganda State Technical University in the frame of the international accreditation the outside expert committee ASIIN (Germany) will work. ASIIN — an authoritative European Accreditation Agency Programme of Engineering, Computer Science, Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  ASIIN was created in 2002 by merging the accreditation agency for engineering …

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Training program for career guidance of 10-11th year school children

As part of the orientation of schoolchildren was held on 7 » Open Days » in TLEP «CDMR» Laboratory was visited by 11th year gymnasium classes number 9, № 93, № 27 School, № 32, № 17, KSU School number 52, number 77 and OKSHDS Kazakh- Turkish Lyceum .

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Institutional accreditation IAAR

In KSTU from 23 to 25 December 2013 was held institutional accreditation «Independent Agency Accreditation and Rating» ( IAAR ).

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