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Acting director of TEPL “CDMR”

                12  Ozhigina S. B.
Head ILIP «KORMS», Associate Professor
Powered by the department MDiG as a senior lecturer since 2001, Ph.D., (2006.), Assistant professor. A graduate of the Department of MDiG (1988.). He lectures on the 5 disciplines, which are prepared EOS. 7 Author standard curriculum. He has over 50 scientific publications and is active scientific and pedagogical activity. He is the head of the laboratory «Mine surveying, geomechanics and geometrization of the bowels.» She was awarded the badge «Miner’s glory» of the 3rd degree. On February 1, 2017 appointed head TEPL “CDMR”.

Постоянная ссылка на это сообщение: http://lip.kstu.kz/en/acting-director-of-tepl-cdmr/

Karaganda State Technical University 56 Mira blvd, Karaganda 100027, Republic of Kazakhstan; Е-mail: kargtu_lip@mail.ru