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On the direction of

The purpose and tasks are developing new technologies in the field of geophysical estimation of mineral resources deposits and controlling mineral raw materials quality at all the stages of development and the following processing, which includes:

-   developing means and systems for mineral raw materials quality control  at all stages of prospecting and exploration, mining, extraction and processing.

-   developing  innovational technologies of mineral resources processing including power, not traditional kinds and  anthropogenic deposits.

The line equipment:

-   Roentgen (X-ray) fluorescent spectrometer SRV-1V

-   Dosimeter of X-ray- and gamma-radiation DCS-AT1121


- LLP “Lekoin Company”;

- LLC “LOMO-Microsystems” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia);

- NPC “AtomComplexPribor”(Kiev, Ukraine);

- Institute of geological sciences of  the Ukrainian NAS

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