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On the direction of

The purpose and tasks are geo-mechanical monitoring of rock mass condition in the development of open cut, which includes:

- Monitoring of rock mass in the development of deposits, taking into account natural and anthropogenic   conditions.

- Studying geo-mechanical condition of rock mass with the help of rescanning systems.

- Studying structural features of the array

- Implementing geo-informational safety systems and safe development of mineral deposits;
- Supporting sustainable options pit and dumps;
- Developing of technological schemes for production and the optimal parameters of rocks.


The line equipment:

-   Electronic tomography-geoscanning system

-   Electronic laser 3D scanner

-   Electronic tacheometer combined with GPS system 1200

-   GPS System 1200

-   GPS System 1200 rover



- JCS «SSGPO», JCS «Shubarkoly Komir»;

- LLP «Project — Engineering», LLP «VRU»;

- LLP «Nova Zinc»;

- Saint – Petersburg State Mining University (Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

- Switzerland company «Leica».

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