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On the direction of

The purpose and tasks are developing new technologies in the field of mineral processing. As part of the project is provided on the basis of the following tasks:

- to improve flotation in selective enrichment of non-ferrous metals to 2-3%;

- to study of the physicochemical surface properties of copper sulfide minerals and galena;
synthesis of flotation reagents and the study of their properties;
- to study of sorption on minerals flotation reagents by chromatography;
- to study of the hydration of the surface of sulfide minerals of copper, lead, using differential thermal and spectrophotometric methods of analysis;

- to select flotation reagents for the selective flotation of minerals and ores.


The line equipment:

- Spectrophotometer with applied computer control

- Vibration attritor 75T-DRM

- Crusher DSHCH 100×200

- Vibration ball mill MM301



- LLP “Kazakhmys Corporation” PO “Balkhashzvetmet”;

- JCS “NPC “Mehanobr-technics” (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

- ASE “Chemical-and-metallurgical Institute after Zh. Abishev”


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