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On the direction of

      The purpose and tasks are developing new technologies in the field of mineral processing, which include:

- theoretical and technological foundations for the establishment the Republic of Kazakhstan new industry, i.e. powder metallurgy, which allows to produce the competitive products of substandard raw materials (including wastes from metallurgical and energy production);
- manufacturing general machine-building settings, which would reduce the importation of similar products from foreign countries no less than 50%.
The research aimed at developing the theoretical bases of technological processes of manufacture molded parts by powder metallurgy from crushed minerals of different origin (metal powders, alumina and siliceous masses, smelter and thermal power production in the form of sludge, slag, ash, etc.).


The line equipment:

- Induction melting set UPI-120-2

- Compact orbital shaker orbital shaker Vibramax type 100/110


- Mining ferritometer of MK-4F type

- Automatic magnetic set of MK-3E type


- ASE “Chemical — and — metallurgical institute after Zh. Abishev”;

- LLP “Mashzavod №1”.

- JSC “ArcelorMittall Temirtau”


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