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On the direction of

The purpose and tasks are studying he structural processes in order to develop advanced materials with desired properties for further use in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy and machinery, which include:
- study the chemical composition and formation features of  materials structure;

- microstructure study  of metallic materials;
- holding fractographic study of metals and alloys fractures;
- study the distribution of elements after surface modification;

- development of scientific bases of surface of  hardening products technology.

The line equipment:

- Laboratory complex for the preparation of samples for metallographic analysis

- Emission spectrometer DFS-71

- Scanning Electron Microscope Tescan Vega \ \

- Hardness Vickers ISOSSAN OD




- JSC “ArcelorMittall Temirtau”


- JCS “OKB Spektr” (Saint Petersburg, Russia);

- CJCS “Exiton Analitik” (Saint Petersburg, Russia).

- LLC “Melitec” (Moscow, Russia)

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