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On the direction of

The purpose and tasks are developing new technologies in the geological-and-economic field and evaluating mineral resources deposits and control of mineral raw materials quality at all the stages of development and the following processing, which include:

-         organizing the system of computer controlling the technological-and-geological condition of a mining enterprise environment including autonomic systems for mineral raw materials quality control;

-         working out means and systems for mineral raw materials quality control  at all stages of prospecting and exploration, mining, extraction and processing

-         developing innovational technologies of mineral resources processing including power, non-traditional kinds and  anthropogenic deposits.


The line equipment:

- Microscope POLAM L-213M

- Microscope for studying mineral raw materials POLAM P-312

- Luminescent set (Luminoscope LRV-1)


- LLP “Lekoin Company”;

- LLC “LOMO-Microsystems” (Saint-Petersburg, Russia);

- NPC AtomComplexPribor”(Kiev, Ukraine);

- Institute of geological sciences of  the Ukrainian NAS

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