The visit of the Rector of the International University of Information Technology

September 17 on a working visit and KSTU Laboratory, visited the rector of the International University of Information Technologies, Doctor of Economic Sciences Shynybekov Abduhalievich Damir, who got acquainted with the activities and achievements of the laboratory in the research field. It has been demonstrated by modern equipment and presents current projects running in the Laboratory. Of particular interest was rudoobogascheniya laboratory in which there is a real work of students and University undergraduates.

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Dostaeva Ardak Muhamedievna — and. about. head of the laboratory. A specialist in the field of metallurgy, materials science and nanotechnology. Dostaeva AM, arrived in KSTU 2010 she graduated with honors with a degree of bachelor on specialty «Materials Science and Technology of New Materials» in 2006. From 2010 to 2012 — training in KSTU graduate, graduating with «excellent» with the assignment of a scientific degree of Master of specialty «Materials Science and Technology of New Materials». Along with teaching in graduate KSTU, from 2011 he worked at the Department of office MMiN school masters and from January 2012 worked as an assistant to the pluralist. From 2010 to 2012 holds a second degree at Karaganda Economic University in the specialty «State and local management». In 2015, June 26 has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on «Justification of the composition and heat treatment regime conductor Al-Zrsplavov», 9 October 2015 awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). On September 1, 2015 accepted the chair of HTM to work in a teaching position, she is the curator of the group CF-15-1 (the program «serpin 2050″). December 25, 2015 order of the number 869s elected to the post of senior lecturer with NTM period of 3 years.
Abramanov Serikbol Turlybekuly — lab engineer.
Alzhapparov Temirlan Sagintaevich — lab engineer.
Zhakupova Arailym Rymbekovna — lab engineer. In 2010 she graduated from Karaganda State Technical University, majoring in «Mechanical Engineering». In 2016, she entered a magistracy on a specialty «Metallurgy».
Kobegen Erbolat Kobegenuly — lab engineer. From 2007 to 2011, a student of Karaganda State Technical University, specialty «Metallurgy»; In 2013 he graduated from the master’s degree with assignment of academic Master’s degree in the specialty «Metallurgy». In 2013 he graduated from Karaganda Economic University with a degree in Bachelor of Kazpotrebsoyuz «State and local government
Karasartov Batyrzhan Bakitzhanovich — lab engineer.
Mayshina Janat Galaminkyzy — lab engineer.
Suhushin Vasily Anatolievich — lab engineer.

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The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Kazhimkanovich Massimov at the meeting with the youth of the region visited KSTU

On June 27,2016 Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Kazhimkanovich  Massimov at the meeting with the youth of the region visited the Karaganda state technical University, where he familiarized with achievements of University in the field of education, science and innovation.
The rector briefed the guests in the foyer of the main building with the implementation of projects of SPIID-2. Then, the guests visited the exhibition of innovative projects of the University (to the left of the entrance), c placed on exhibition 27 professional standards in the relevant areas of the industry of Central Kazakhstan region in accordance with the industrialization Map of Karaganda region), developed at the University, together with employers ‘ Associations.
After that, the guests visited the Testing laboratory of engineering profile, which was created in response to the request of the head of state in 2007 on the basis of the University and successfully passed the international accreditation and since then to this day carries out research on the order of enterprises.

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Dear compatriots!


Dear people of Kazakhstan! We congratulate you with one of the main holidays of our country – the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan! Dear countrymen, on this festive day, we wish you peace and harmony, happiness, welfare, prosperity, success in endeavors, good health, faith in the best and much happiness! Peace and prosperity for our Republic, harmony and prosperity for every home!

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Meeting of KSTU students with coordinators of «Serpin – 2050» program


On 12th November of 2015 the Chairman of Republic coordination council of “Serpin – 2050” program Abenov Murat visited Karaganda State Technical University and Testing Engineering Profile laboratory “Complex development of mineral resources”, he was introduced with activity and achievements of laboratory in science-researching areas. The modern equipment and topical projects developed by laboratory were demonstrated to him. Mr. Abenov was really interested in Ore-dressing laboratory, where students and postgraduates are really involved into work.

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