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Summary of head direction



Creation of system for monitoring stability of border massifs and spoil dumps by using instrumental observations

Ozhigina Svetlana Borisovna, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Since 2001 she works in “Mine surveying and geodesy” department as senior teacher.

In 1988 she graduated from “Mine surveying and geodesy” department.

She reads lectures on five disciplines, on which she prepared electronic-educational facilities. She is an author of 7 educational programs. She has over 50 scientific publications, and she actively works on scientific and pedagogical themes. She is director of Scientific Research Laboratory “Surveying, geomechanics and geometrization of deposits». She was awarded a medal “Miner’s Glory” of 3rd degree.


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Karaganda State Technical University 56 Mira blvd, Karaganda 100027, Republic of Kazakhstan; Е-mail: kargtu_lip@mail.ru