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Two main objectives of TEPL “CDMR” is

- providing access for realizing research by local and foreign scientists;
- providing access for realizing research by postgraduates and  students;
- provision of the realization of the  scientific-research and experimental-developmental work(SREDW) by the subjects of scientific and scientific-technological activity.

Priority for TEPL «CDMR» are the objectives:
- Assist in the implementation of scientific and scientific-technical programmes and projects, including basic, applied by priority directions of scientific and technological development, assistance in preparing the Master’s, doctoral dissertations in the field of scientific areas;
- Dissemination of new knowledge and technologies;
- Involvement of students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists to research and development;
-Realization of the joint research with local and foreign universities and scientific centres;
- Creation of conditions for the commercialization of scientific and (or) scientific and technical activities’ result, in order to attract investment in the sector of  high technologies;
- Promotion of the development public-private partnership’s devices;
- Effective use of instruments and equipment for solving problems of scientific and technical nature in mining, geology and metallurgy;
- Participation in international scientific-technological activities.

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